Some cracking rides over the weekend from HRC riders.

On Saturday in the Team Axiom 10 Tom Prichard led the HRC contingent with a belting 19:28, Den Tapping came in with a 22:11, Chris McGuire 24:03 and Brian Hall 28:50.

Gary and Dee Ferrett also rode the Redmon CC 25 on the A31 but I don’t have results for that yet.

On Sunday in the second of the Team Axiom double header on the P885/25 Tom again led the HRC contingent with a superb ride of 50:23 and 3rd place followed by Den with a 57:40.

Also on Sunday Julian Middewick rode a slightly longer distance in the Newbury 12hr event. No official distances yet but was around 276 miles for the 12 hours which once confirmed should be a new club record.

Well done to all for a successful weekend.