Gary Ferrett, holder of the Vetcher Trophy

Vetcher Trophy

Presented by Bill Vetcher, to be awarded to the winner of the Club Hill Climb

1981 T.Costello 2m 10s

1982 S.Munday 2m 21s

1983 N.Reynolds (Buriton) 1m 17s

1984 J.Green (Downplace)

1985 N.Harley (Buriton) 0m 59s

1986 C.Turner

1987 H.Long (Downplace) 3m 2s

1988 N.Bodger (Buriton) 1m 13s

1989 R.Churcher (Downplace)

1990 R.Churcher (Downplace) 3m 43s

Now at Knights Hill, Charlton

1991 R.Churcher 5m 19s

1992 L.Pither 4m 29s

1993 G.Frogley 3m 49.04s

1994 G.Frogley 4m 19s

1995 A.Tribe

1996 A.Tribe 4m 07s

1997 D.Sirkett 3m 59.06s

1998 I.Brewster 4m 45.06s

1999 A.Walker 4m 17s

2000 A.Walker 4m 17s

2001 A.Walker 3m 49.02s

2002 A Walker 3m 52.03s

2003 A Walker 4m 51s

2004 G Ferrett 3m.44s

2005 G Ferrett 4m 24s

2006 G Ferrett 4m 07.51s

2007 G Ferrett 4m 04.19s

2008 G Ferrett 3m 49.20s

2009 Event cancelled due to bad weather.

2010 G.Ferrett 3m 58s

2011 G. Ferrett 3m 50.3s

2012 G. Ferrett 4m 42s

2013 R. Crabtree 4m 3s

2014 R. Crabtree 4m 20s

2015 R Crabtree 3m 43.2s

2016 T Pritchard 3m 38s

A young Brian Hall tackles the Hill Climb circa 1956