This magnificent bowl is awarded each year to the rider showing the fastest time that year around the borders of the County of Hampshire.

The Trophy was presented to the club by the parents of Stuart McNeille, one our most popular members, who was killed in the 1939-45 War. Stuart was a great clubman, and particularly devoted to long distance riding and racing, covering 374 miles in the 1939 Wessex R.C. “Twenty Four”. It was felt that it would have been his wish that such a memorial trophy should be devoted to the furtherance of long distance riding

The course, if it can be called such goes via, Emsworth, Lepe, Stoney Lane Roundabout, Purwell, Downton, Cadnam, North Tidworth, Andover, Newton Roundabout near Newbury, Blackwater, Hindhead, and Emsworth.

These points must be passed through, and by – passes may be used where applicable. The route taken between the points is at the rider’s discretion. The total mileage is approximately 214 miles.

1948 A.Hewlett 12hr 58m 00s

1949 L.Savage 11hr 36m 09s

1950 A.Hewlett 13hr 18m 42s

1951 R.Hill 12hr 57m 51s

1958 S.Searle 11hr 53m 46s

1960 C.C.P Davies 12hr 32m 10s

1962 A.Jones (T) 13hr 04m 38s

1963 C.C.P.Davies 12hr 51m 57s

1964 C.C.P.Davies 12hr 05m 02s

1966 J.Galway 12hr 19m 38s

1967 C.C.P.Davies 12hr 00m 50s

1968 G.Jenkins (T) 13hr 00m 34s

1970 G.Jenkins 12hr 05m 32s

1971 D.Culverwell 11hr 24m 35s

1972 C.C.P.Davies 11hr 59m 33s

1973 T.Knight 12hr 15m 30s

1975 C.C.P.Davies 11hr 59m 39s

1976 C.C.P.Davies 12hr 31m 27s

1977 C.C.P.Davies 11hr 50m 29s

1978 C.C.P.Davies 12hr 08m 04s

1979 D.Culverwell 11hr 45m 25s

1981 G.R.Cooper 11hr 10m 53s

1982 A.Hunt 11hr 20m 46s

1983-2007 Not awarded

2008 P.Whitehead 13hr 18m 27s

2009.-.2010 Not awarded

2011 C. McGuire 18hr 39m 14s

2012 – 2015 Not awarded