An event promoted by the Hampshire Road Club as one of the many national events, ‘Open’ to all competitors. Cash prizes and points are awarded, to go towards the national championship standings.

1981 D.Doust Antelope RT 21m 54s

1982 P.Pickers Antelope RT 22m 38

1983 P.Pickers Antelope RT 21m 53s

1984 P.Pickers Antelope TR 21m 49s

1985 T.Deacon Lewes Wanderers 21m 28s

1986 T.Deacon Lewes Wanderers 21m 43s

1987 P.Dankward Worthing Excl CC 23m 03s

1988 G.Giddings Stratos CRT 21m 59s

1989 P.Pickers Antelope RT 21m 38s

1990 P.Pickers Antelope RT 20m 22s

1991 P.Pickers Antelope RT 21m 10s

1992 A.Sharpe Bio RT 21m 55s

1993 R.Hayles Team Haverhill 20m 17s

1994 R.Hayles Team Haverhill 20m 14s

1995 B.Edwards Rother Valley CC 20m 52s

1996 R.Hughes Clarence Wh 21m 01s

1997 R.Hughes Clarence Wh 21m 22s

1998 R.Prebble Team Clean 20m 04s

1999 R.Prebble Team Clean 20m 22s

2000 J.Sharples Eastbourne Rovers CC 20m 15s

2001 P.Tadros VC Bayeux 21m 19s

2002 J.Sharples In Gear RT 20m 48s

2003 S.Walkling VC St Raphael 20m 55s

2004 B.Instone A3crg 20m 38s

2005 B.Instone A3crg 19m 59s

2006 B.Instone A3crg 20m 05s

2007 B.Instone A3crg 19m 41s

2008 M. St Leger VC St Raphael 20m 28s

2009 S.Walkling Velocity Bikes 19m 32s

2010 J.Walters Sigma Sport 19m 39s

2011 S. Whitewick UTAG Yamaha 20m 21s

2012 P. Younghusband TriUK 20m 54s

2013 S. Ader …a3crg 19m 52s

2014 M. Hutchinson In Gear-Quickvit-Trainsharp RT 19m 26s