MAGNOLIA CUP (Then see Chichester Bowl)

Trophy was awarded annually to the fastest rider in the Club Championship 100 mile Time Trial, the recipient to be a member of the C.T.C. & H.R.C.. Kindly presented by a C.T.C. member in 1958. Cup was withdrawn by the donor in 1998 and is therefore no longer available for competition as part of the HRC awards.

1958 D.Board 4hr 45m 28s

1959 D.Board 4hr 45m 17s

1960 C.C.P.Davies 5hr 34m 10 s

1961 J.Galway 4hr 37m 08s

1962 A.Jones 4hr 38m 11s

1963 J.Galway 4hr 47m 26s

1964 J.Galway 4hr 42m 28s

1965 D.Hayday 4hr 35m 50s

1966 J.Galway 4hr 55m 11s

1967 J.Galway 5hr 01m 35s

1968 S.Morgan 4hr 38m 53s

1969 D.Taylor 4hr 54m 37s

1970 W.Vetcher 4hr 31m 55s

1971 W.Vetcher 4hr 38m 18s

1972 W.Vetcher 4hr 31m 57s

1973 W.Vetcher 4hr 27m 11s

1974 R.Earl 4hr 30m 02s

1975 D.Culverwell 4hr 39m 28s

1976 R.Earl 4hr 35m 07s

1977 W.Vetcher 4hr 41m 25s

1978 C.Davies 5hr 14m 01s

1979 R.Earl 4hr 25m 56s

1980 D.Culverwell 4hr 48m 18s

1981 P.K.Smith 4hr 11m 25s

1982 A.Hunt 4hr 36m 59s

1983 A.Hunt 4hr 26m 20s

1984 K.Connolly 5hr 01m 11s

1985 D.Lambert 4hr 35m 08s

1986 D.Lambert 4hr 42m 53s

1987 R.Woodcock 4hr 45m 43s

1988 R.Woodcock 4hr 43m 49s

1989 R.Woodcock 4hr 58m 53s

1990 Not Awarded

1991 R.Kemp 4hr 49m 25s

1992 R.Woodcock 4hr 52m 24s

1993 S.Underwood 4hr 37m 13s

1994 R.Parker 4hr 18m 20s

1995 R.Parker 4hr 24m 20s

1996 R.Parker 4hr 18m 11s

1997 R.Parker 4hr 29m 40s

Competition ceased 1998