The Club Championship Trophy is awarded each year to the member recording the fastest time in any 100 mile race promoted under Cycling Time Trials regulations. The Chichester Bowl was formerly awarded to the winner of the HRC Open 50 mile event held between 1976-1990.

The Bowl replaces the Magnolia Cup – for past winners of this trophy please click here

1998 R. Parker 4hr 34m 28secs

1999 M.Metcalf 4hr 19m 25secs

2000 R.Parker 4hr 27m 39secs

2001 A.Walker 4hr 24m 20secs

2002 A.Walker 4hr 25m 10secs

2003 A.Walker 4hr 15m 04secs

2004 O.Jones 4hr 21m 59secs

2005.-.2006 Not awarded

2007 K.Drew 4hr 41m 22secs

2008 K.Drew 4hr 44m 33secs

2009 P.Whitehead 4hr 58m 5secs

2010 Not awarded

2011 A. Langdown 4hr 23m 32s

2012 A. Langdown 4hr 13m 20s

2013 A. Langdown 4hr 7m 17s

2014 J. Middlewick 3hr 56m 40s

2015 A Langdown 4hr 3m 39s

2016 J Middlewick 3h 58m 7s