Trophy to the winner of the designated Club 25 as being the Championship event

1977 P.Pickers 1hr 03m 32s

1978 R.Makepeace 1hr 02m 17s

1979 D.Lambert 1hr 01m 42s

1980 P.K.Smith 59m 35s

1981 G.R.Cooper 1hr 0m 37s

1982 A.Hunt 59m 24s

1983 P.Blackshaw 59m 34s

1984 R.Goodhall 1hr 01m 07s

1985 P.Blackshaw 59m 02s

1986 H.Long 1hr 0m 14s

1987 N.Reynolds 1hr 04m 28s

1988 H.Long 1hr 01m 42s

1989 R.Pettit 1h 03m 43s

1990 H.Long 1h 04m 57s

1991 H.Long 1hr 01m 35s

1992 H.Long 1hr 03m 53s

1993 S.Underwood 1hr 03m 57s

1994 G.Frogley 1hr 01m 55s

1995 G.Frogley 59m 17s

1996 R.Parker 58m 16s

1997 R.Parker 57m 44s

1998 R.Parker 59m 05s

1999 O.Jones 57m 42s

2000 R.Parker 59m 20s

2001 A Walker 1hr 00m 04s

2002 A Walker 1hr 00m 00s

2003 N O’Hara 55m 04s

2004 O Jones 55m 56s

2005 O Jones 52m 44s

2006 G Ferrett 1hr 02m 06s

2007 S Tout 56m 47s

2008 Not Awarded

2009 G.Ferrett 1hr 00m 27s

2010 A.Langdown 1hr 01m 25s

2011 A. Langdown 56m 51s

2012 A. Langdown 57m 33s (G25/93 course)

2013 A. Langdown 52m 42s (P901)

2014 T. Pritchard 54m 13s

2015 A Langdown 53m 20s