Presented to the Club in 1993 by the family of Bob Kemp in memory of his many years with the HRC. Bob was Chairman of the Club, a keen time triallist and a prolific winner of Veteran prizes. The Cup is awarded to the fastest Hampshire Road Club member in the Open & Club 30 mile Time Trial. From 2007 changed to a 25 mile course (P901/25).

1993 R.Pettit 1hr 15m 00s

1994 R.Parker 1hr 12m 48s

1995 A.Jones 1hr 15m 00s

1996 M.Metcalf 1hr 11m 57s

1997 M.Metcalf 1hr 12m 01s

1998 M.Metcalf 1hr 11m 32s

1999 R.Parker 1hr 11m 29s

2000 R.Parker 1hr 10m 23s

2001 A.Walker 1hr 13m 03s

2002 A.Tribe 1hr 14m 59s

2003 A.Walker 1hr 11m 39s

2004 G.Ferrett 1hr 16m 59s

2005 K.Drew 1hr 16m 46s

2006 I.Prince 1hr 14m 08s

From 2007 onwards the Bob Kemp Cup has been contested over 25 miles

2007 G.Ferrett 1hr 02m 39s

2008 Not Awarded

2009 G.Ferrett 1hr 00m 27s

2010 A.Langdown 1hr 03m 13s

2011 A. Langdown 57m 14s

2012 G. Ferrett 1h 01m 50s

2013 A.Langdown 57m 06s

2014 G. Ferrett 58m 07s

2015 T Pritchard 54m 40s