Gary Ferrett, holder of the 50 Mile Memorial Trophy


A perpetual Trophy, instigated to commemorate the memory of those gallant Club members, who gave their lives for their country, during the Second World War 1939-45. Their names are inscribed on the Trophy.

1950 A.J.Hewlett 2hr 16m 57s

1951 J.Hewlett (short course)2hr 13m 12s

1952 L.Savage 2hr 16m 50s

1953 J.Greenham 2hr 15m 19s

1954 J.Greenham 2hr 12m 40s

1955 M.Twigg 2hr 08m 34s

1956 R.Husband 2hr 17m 02s

1957 S.Searle 2hr 15m 42s

1958 S.Searle 2hr 13m 38s

1959 J.Morris 2hr 07m 15s

1960 J.Morris 2hr 06m 16s

1961 J.Morris 2hr 07m 23s

1962 J.Morris 2hr 07m 04s

1963 A.Jones 2hr 08m 28s

1964 A.Jones 2hr 06m 01s

1965 A.Jones 2hr 11m 49s

1966 P.Wallis 2hr 07m 44s

1967 P.Wallis 2hr 07m 45s

1968 D.Hayday 2hr 12m 03s

1969 A.Jones 2hr 11m 24s

1970 W.Vetcher 2hr 07m 27s

1971 W.Vetcher 2hr 04m 28s

1972 W.Vetcher 2hr 06m 01s

1973 R.Earl 2hr 11m 44s

1974 R.Earl 2hr 12m 08s

1975 D.Culverwell 2hr 11m 12s

1976 R.Earl 2hr 06m 10s

1977 A.Hunt 2hr 10m 11s

1978 R.Earl 2hr 10m 22s

1979 D.Lambert 2hr 09m 33s

1980 P.K.Smith 2hr 05m 49s

1981 P.K.Smith 2hr 02m 06s

1982 G.Cooper 1hr 58m 40s

1983 R.Makepeace 2hr 05m 42s

1984 P.Blackshaw 2hr 01m 44s

1985 G.Cooper 2hr 05m10s

1986 G.Cooper 2hr 07m 20s

1987 N.Reynolds 2hr 11m 26s

1988 H.Long 2hr 04m 32s

1989 R.Pettit 2hr 09m 29s

1990 H.Long 2hr 13m 03s

1991 H.Long 2hr 18m 31s

1992 L.Pither 2hr 16m 37s

1993 S.Underwood 2hr 17m 40s

1994 R.Parker 2hr 10m 48s

1995 R.Parker 1hr 15m 53s (30m road wks)

1996 R.Parker 2hr 07m 34s

1997 R.Parker 2hr 10m 52s

1998 M.Metcalf 2hr 06m 10s

1999 M.Metcalf 2hr 07m 25s

2000 R.Parker 2hr 10m 10s

2001 A.Walker 2hr 04m 56s

2002 R.Parker 2hr 15m 27s

2003 A.Walker 2hr 05m 33s

2004 K.Drew 2hr 12m 17s

2005 G.Ferrett 2hr 10m 22s

2006 I.Prince 2hr 06m 25s

2007 S.Tout 1hr 52m 35s

2008 S.Tout 1hr 59m 56s

2009 P.Whitehead 2hr 35m 01s

2010 G.Ferrett 2hr 03m 20s (P901/50 course)

2011 G. Ferrett 2hr 07m 07s

2012 A. Langdown 1hr 53m 46s (P885/50 course)

2013 A. Langdown 1hr 51m 17s

2014 A.Langdown 1hr 50m 09s

2015 A Langdown 1hr 52m 56s

2016 T Pritchard 1h 45m 39s