Awards are made to members of the Hampshire Road Club subject to the following conditions:-

1. A rider who has previously beaten Club Standards must beat his/her personal best performance during the last five years to obtain a Standard Award. Only one award may be taken at each distance per season.

2. Any member may qualify for Standard Awards in:-

(a) Events promoted for the Hampshire Road Club.

(b) Open events where he or she must enter in the name of the Club.

(c) Private Time Trials under Hampshire Road Club jurisdiction.

(d) A fee of £2.50 shall be payable for each distance, or £10.00 for all distances, payable in advance of entering the event or events selected.

3. The onus of proof of performance in open events rests with the rider. Claims for awards should be forwarded to the Secretary in writing, accompanied by the official result sheet.

10 miles27m 0s32m 0s
25 miles1h 8m 0s1h 19m 0s1h 14m 0s
30 miles1h 22m 0s1h 36m 0s1h 29m 0s1h 12m 0s
50 miles2h 18m 0s2h 40m 0s2h 30m 0s2h 3m 0s
100 miles5h 0m 0s5h 50m 0s5h 30m 0s4h 16m 0s
12h200 miles160 miles180 miles
24h380 miles320 miles330 miles
Bronze MedalMenWomenTrikesTandem
10 miles25m 0s30m 0s27m 0s
25 miles1h 3m 0s1h 14m 0s1h 9m 0s
30 miles1h 16m 0s1h 29m 0s1h 22m 0s1h 9m 0s
50 miles2h 9m 0s2h 33m 0s2h 21m 0s1h 58m 0s
100 miles4h 42m 0s5h 33m 0s5h 12m 0s
12h225 miles180 miles205 miles
24h420 miles340 miles370 miles
Silver MedalMenWomenTrikesTandem
10 miles23m 30s28m 0s25m 30s
25 miles1h 0m 0s1h 9m 0s1h 5m 0s
30 miles1h 12m 0s1h 23m 0s1h 18m 0s1h 7m 0s
50 miles2h 5m 0s2h 26m 0s2h 16m 0s1h 53m 0s
100 miles4h 33m 0s5h 25m 0s5h 3m 0s4h 6m 0s
12h240 miles198 miles211 miles
24h440 miles370 miles390 miles
Gold MedalMenWomen
10 miles21m 50s24m 50s
25 miles0h 55m 30s1h 3m 30s
30 miles1h 7m 30s1h 16m 0s
50 miles1h 55m 30s2h 14m 0s
100 miles4h 10m 0s4h 58m 0s