In the 4th Cat race Hamish, Gary and John (making his debut) lined up at the start. A cagey race saw a few digs off the front including a good effort by John, but with no one willing to join him he was dragged back into the pack. So it came down to a bunch sprint where, with perfect timing and out of nowhere, Hamish surged for the line and grabbed 6th place. Tactically, a massive improvement on his first race, and proving all those winter village sign sprints do pay off – well done to the flying Scot. John also got in the points with 9th place, a great result for his first race, and Gary finished well in the bunch. Overall a strong showing from HRC

Howard rode the 3rd’s which had plenty of early action in deteriorating conditions. Eventually he managed to get into a group of 6 which managed to stay away and gain a lap on the field towards the end of the race. The escapees grabbed the top spots with Howard finishing in 6th place


Mountbatten Circuits (Cat 3 race)- 17th March
Pos Name Club Lap Notes
1 Tristan Grigalis SURC 50mins + 3 laps
6 Howard Millner HRC st 4 pts
Mountbatten Circuits (Cat 4 race)- 17th March
Pos Name Club Lap Notes
1 Jim Hamilton i-team 35mins + 3 laps
6 Hamish Walker HRC st 4 pts
9 John Banham HRC st 1 pt
14 Gary Ferret HRC st