3rd/4th Cat Race Report

The evergreen Gary Ferrett lined up with 33 others in what turned out to be tactical race. The first 20 minutes saw Gary bide his time while the first attacks off the front were all reeled in. Then with a Fareham Wheeler and Wightlink getting a gap, the flying Ferrett made his moved and bridged the gap to join them. Over the next few laps they worked together keeping the peloton at bay, but with the breakaway tiring, things were all brought back together and remained ‘grupo compacto’ until the final few laps. With 3 laps to go, the pace increased and Gary moved smoothly up through the pack taking the bell towards the front. On the final back straight, Gary looked coiled to unleash a decisive move but had to check slightly as he looked like he got boxed in on the inside (this was later confirmed when Gary was overheard saying “I got boxed in on the inside”). Gaps then started to open on finishing straight and Gary sprinted hard eventually crossing the line superbly in 9th place – well done!  1 BC point earned and well on the way to 3rd cat status and making an early claim for the Paddy Cup to boot!

Elite/1st/2nd Cat Race Report

Yours truly lined up nervously at the start line. Looking around, the usual suspects appeared to be there which meant one thing – the race would be fast! This being my first race of the season, my goal was simple – don’t get dropped and finish the race (rule 5 required)! Within a lap the first attack was made and the peloton was immediately lined out at +30mph to try and keep in touch. These attacks pretty much repeated themselves until eventually the elastic broke and a group of 4 fast boys got away. The chase was now on, and I felt just strong enough to take my turn on the front in pursuit, but with the group out front having too much fire power they eventually gained a lap on the peloton. By now my legs were feeling pretty cooked so I decided the best tactic would be to sit in to try and recover enough for the end of the race. With the final 5 laps, the pace was wound up until the final sprint was contested and won by Phil Reynolds (Peter Hansford Racing). I managed to finish safely in the pack, job done – Howard


SENIORS~ 3/4/J3/J4
Position Name Club Time Points
1st Andy Daniels Zappi’s CC 40 mins + 3 laps 10
9th Gary Ferrett HRC ST 1
SENIORS~   E/1/2/3/J1/J2/J3
Position Name Club Time Points
1st Phill Reynolds Peter Hansford Racing 50 mins + 5 laps 15
18th Howard Milner HRC 2 laps + 20s