Event is on. However, a lot of you already now know about the roadworks on the little bridge over the river Kwai Ems. So not a problem, we use the same road notified to the Police but shorten. The new start will be Churchers corner as per our Tuesday night events, Chichester and back and the finish will be about 1 mile west of Churchers corner. The finish will be just on the climb up to Aldsworth, where there is a small disused layby on the north side of the road. Hence we’ll be doing a 12-13 mile event. No parking at the Church for Sunday events, so use Kingley Vale please. As always leave the Village Hall carpark for the organisers to park, meet at the start, drive off to the event, and come back to park safely and give you your times! No exceptions. Jonathan, Sharon and Sarah will also be guarding the car park so beware!