Congratulations to Ben for winning 4 events and getting two new club track records.
Can I say thanks to all the time keepers, lap recorders and all the willing helpers including those rushing round with chalk to mark where Tom finished his successful new hour record. See HRC track results.
Tom only just broke the old record, he had us all jumping up and down round the track, it was very exciting, we did not know if he had a new record until we measured his final distance, it was in yards!!!!! To let you know how close it was at 5 miles, Tom was 18 sec down. at 10 miles 21 sec down, at 15 miles 26 sec down, at 25 miles 30 sec down then over the last few miles he made the extra effort and just beat the old record 27.916 miles with a distance of 27.922 miles. So although he did not break the intermediate records he did pull off the hour. Well done Tom.