During the season (April-August) Club HQ is at West Stoke Village Hall) on a Tuesday evening, 1830 onwards.

Races start at either 7 or 7.30pm and if things were normal, a welcome cuppa is available afterwards for those who have ridden, marshalled or tired themselves out  just by watching.

Normally, Off-season serious riders congregate at the Woodmancote pub in …. Woodmancote for some training… . Friendly chats & banter are the order of the day with the emphasis on how great cycling was in the old days (!) and how fast everyone plans to go for the coming season. Again, the ubiquitous pint rears its ever-welcome head. Anyone is welcome to join in – just look for the group in Lycra!

Club runs occur off-season on a Sunday morning. Starting point is Havant Leisure Centre at 8.30am (ish).

If you’re interested in joining us or want to get in touch, please use this contact form: