Dear All,

First race night but shadowed with controversy and change. There are roadworks on the road passing the Festival theatre with 24hr traffic lights. Thus a course change is needed and we’ll use the p841. Not that desirable as it is a bit gloomy with trees, so visibility is the most important part of this evening. Be seen and make sure the drivers can see you too. Lights front and rear could be a useful addition too, to be as safe as you can be on our British roads. The BBC suggest possibly drizzle earlier in the day, but we should be ok for race time.


Also due to the roadworks at the festival theatre, traffic may back onto the Northgate roundabout so you have to be aware that time will be lost on that stretch, but it is only like the pelican crossings on the courses. Remember to ride to the road conditions and road regulations  and if you have to stop, so be it. That is the price to pay to keep our sport going, and so be careful on the roundabout and just get round it safely!