The club runs begin this Sunday, 2nd October 2016, meeting at Havant Leisure Centre (in front of main entrance) we have moved the start time to 8.30am, to get those extra miles in.


There will be two groups this Sunday.


Group A will be taken by Gary, this will be a faster pace and take in around 50 this week as it is the first one – Route to be decided on the day this week.


Group B will be taken by Dee, this is a more moderate pace of between 12-14mph and will be taking in a coffee stop.  The route this week will leave Havant and head towards Southwick, Denmead, Hambledon, Soberton, and then to Wickham for a coffee stop at Lillys in the square.  We will then take the Southwick road back up the hill and then along the top of the hill back to Havant. 


It would be great to see you all, the weather is currently looking fine with a light breeze for Sunday.