Hampshire Road Club is a cycling club that primarily promotes Time Trials. Our members come from all around, the more actives ones from the East Hampshire and West Sussex boarders area, covering west from Portsmouth, Havant, Waterloville, north from Petersfield and Midhurst, centrally from Emsworth, Southborne, Chidham and Fishborne, then east from Chichester, Lavant, Bognor Regis, Selsey and other surrounding villages.

The primary aim of the club is time trialling, the race of truth. HRC promotes these through running time trials from March to August and being active in other club and open time trials in the area. Time trials are the simplest type of bike race to get involved in, it’s just you, a bike and a stopwatch. You don’t need any specialist kit to ride, you don’t need lots of experience and you don’t even need to be fast.

Why Time Trial?
It’s hard work and there are various sayings – like “if you enjoyed it you didn’t push hard enough” and “you’ve pushed enough if it felt like your kidneys fell out on the roadside 2 miles before the finish” – but the feeling after you’ve finished is why we do it. You will feel alive as your body releases endorphins and just knowing that you’ve put your best effort into it rather than sitting in front of the TV is enough to make it worth while.
When you start to time trial you will be racing against your own time, as you learn how to pace yourself for the course you’ll find your times coming down quite quickly.

Time trials use pre-defined courses that have been registered with the governing body – Cycling Time Trials.

The club time trials are based in West Stoke, to the west of Lavant, Chichester and use