Another Warm and Sunny evening made for some quick times on the P841. Thanks to the TimeKeepers and organisers.

115Mystery RiderC & Try23.32
28Mark TrimmerSDV23.46
311Neil LangleyHRC24.01
49Robert WatsonHRC25.20
53Paul TraillC & Try25.28
613John MottersheadPNECC25.29
710Derek DowdenHRC25.53
87Steve SkinnerSDV26.18
94Christina DoveHRC27.44
101Rachael LamontHRC27.55
115Bob OliverFWCC28.39
122Paul BeckHRC28.45
126Peter KnipeFWCC28.45
1412Greg NewtonBRCC31.31

If the Mystery rider could let us know his name he can claim his first place 🙂