Change of course due to roadworks on Broyle/Lavant Road. A cold, clear evening with a south easterly breeze.



NumberName ClubTimeRank
1R Wheeler/D Ferrett2HRC00:29:326
4D Pothcary/D Bridle2SDV00:27:204
8M Trimmery/A Rice2SDV00:23:411
11G Ferrett/D Dowden2HRC00:24:382
14R Lamont/J Isard2HRC00:28:205
15S Powell/G Betts2RCR00:26:053
2B Oliver1FWCC00:28:069
3P Knipe1FWCC00:27:387
5J Fawcett1HRC00:22:241
6K Webb1SDV00:27:326
7J Mottershead1PNECC00:24:402
9R Charles1BS00:25:545
10N Langley1HRC00:25:143
12D Sinmeit1FC00:25:334
13R Watson1HRC00:27:428