Unusually for us, we had to cancel all the previous evening TTs – not due to weather, but due to the council deciding to re-surface much of the course. So this was the first of the evening 10’s.



1Steve SkinnerBRCC00:25:367
2Bob OliverFWCC00:28:1117
3Peter KnipeFWCC00:27:4716
4Arthur WaghornBRCC00:26:2011
5Ben WilliamsiTeam00:21:411
6Keith WebbSDV00:26:069
7Richard WheelerHRC00:28:1618
8Gary FerrettHRC00:23:453
9Angus McInnesRAFCC00:22:222
10Dave PothelarySDV00:27:1515
11David BridleSDV00:27:1214
12Adrian TalleyPNECC00:24:054
13Robert WatsonHRC00:27:0613
14Gareth FifordHRC00:24:175
15Neil LangleyHRC00:25:438
16Nick LasburnWindyMilla00:26:0810
17Alex RiceSDV00:25:276
18Paul WhiteheadHRC00:26:5012