The final evening TT of the season. Thank you to all the organisers, timers, pusher offers and especially the tea makers …

Thank you to the competitors for turning up and making it all worth while.

1D FerrettHRC00:31:5725
2D DowdenHRC00:26:0914
3A LovellPNECC00:24:4011
5P BeckHRC00:29:3724
6K WebbSDV00:26:5019
7G FerrettHRC00:24:017
8B OliverFWCC00:27:3123
9A FrogleyHRC00:26:0512
11A TalleyPNECC00:23:576
12L JeromeRCR00:23:013
13F ScottHRC00:26:0813
14J MapleyBS00:21:291
15O BoareriTeam00:26:3217
16P LeeSDV00:23:425
18R MilesBRCC00:26:1015
19S PowellRCR00:26:2516
20S SmartSDV00:22:432
21M TrimmerSDV00:24:109
22D BoneRCR00:23:074
23J IsardHRC00:27:2222
24R WatsonHRC00:26:4618
25R KeevilGS Stella00:26:5120
26P CampbellPorts Tri00:24:058
27D MowattHRC00:27:0721
28F HughesPNECC00:24:3610