Road works by the festival theatre keep us on the changed course of the P841 tonight.

Should be good weather and the stationary traffic on the roundabout doesn’t seem to be happening so all is well. Just keep an eye open for the rough road surface courtesy of Chichester City Council. (all you Poll tax protesters pay up!)

Be there and ride fast, and experience what the Paris Roubaix riders did on Sunday. I’ve heard Christian Prudhomme Sports Director for Paris Roubaix and The Tour de France did turn down our offer of using the back lanes of Chichester through Funtington, East Ashling  etc. as far too dangerous and tough and would render racing bikes as piles of rubber and carbon dust! C’est merde! Was his comment as his car careered off the corner in to the ditch by the cattery and Brandy Hole lane followed by three motorcycle outriders. That is why they had to cut all those trees down there, to rescue him and the TDF entourage.

Handbook will be with you all next week, just after Easter. How exciting!


See you tonight.