Hampshire Road Club

2021 Time Trials are ON

Please note – REAR LIGHTS ARE MANDATORY. This was voted in by the CTT. No Light – No Time Trial and we don’t have spares.

Important Dates coming up.

Hampshire Road Club kicked off the season with their ever popular Evening Time Trials on Tuesday 6th April 1845 – P843 – 10 mile route starting at Churchers Corner and finishing outside the West Stoke Village Hall – which is also our HeadQuarters for the year. Unfortunately, the snow decided we wouldn’t actually race it although many riders did turn up to signon.

Results for the 4th May can be found here

The next TT is Tuesday 11th May – P843 – First Rider off 1930. Please note the time, course and that it’s a SOLO TT

Evening TTs are Come and Try events, so you don’t need to belong to a club or even have Time Trialed before. Just turn up (pre-registered) with 2 wheels and a frame then race!

Signing on is at West Stoke hall car park. Please bring your own pen & pins. Do not leave clothing etc at the start, as the time keepers will not be able to bring them back. Parking will be at St Andrews Church.

Registration is open for all of May’s TT’s. Please email TTSignon@hampshireroadclub.co.uk
Please remember to bring your own pen and the £6 entry fee in correct change. And don’t forget a working back light!
We cannot accept turnup’s on the night. (nor turnips – even if they can ride faster than some of us)

There will be no refreshments and no results on the night. They will be posted on-line. Do not gather near the hall. Please go straight home after you have handed in your number. Getting back to a bit of normality now! Please follow the rules and we can all have a good evening.

Obviously this is subject to the rules staying as planned. We will not meet inside the building and must not gather in a large group outside. 

Members Gathering – returning soon

If you’re just after the Coffee and Cake, some of our members meet up on a Wednesday at Fishbourne Roman Palace at 11am – mostly to talk about how these youngsters have it easy and new kit doesn’t make you any faster.

2021 Events

Available here: 2021 Event List

About Us

Hampshire Road Club welcomes new members of all abilities whether you are looking for a gentle ride with like minded individuals through to participating in an active schedule of competitive events. Individuals, families or groups are all welcome. Each new member receives an HRC handbook.

The Hampshire Road Club was formed in 25th February 1928 by K. Jones

Evening Socials – returning soon

We meet up at the Woodmancote Arms every Thursday at around 8pm for chat, nibbles and we may buy something at the bar too … If you’re wondering what we’re like, feel free to drop in and say hi.